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[Exhibition Title]
[Dates] January 18 (Wed) - 20 (Fri), 2023
[Venue] INTEX Osaka, Japan
[Organiser] RX Japan Ltd.
[Supported by] Union of Kansai Governments
[Supporting Organisations of MEDICAL JAPAN OSAKA] click here for details

MEDICAL JAPAN [Osaka] consists of:

Japan’s leading International trade fair for medical devices/equipment, IT technologies, and Services.

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B to B trade show gathering medical devices, equipment, IT technologies for Clinics!

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B to B trade show covering all Pharmacy systems, dispensing, equipment, supplies, functional food, supplements, etc.

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B to B trade show covering devices, equipment, and IT Technologies for Elderly Care!

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B to B trade show covering all infection prevention products and systems for the fields of Medical and Elderly Care.

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Supporting Organisations

Union of Kansai Governments

A union of 8 prefectures and 4 cities in the Kansai region (West Japan).

  • Shiga Prefecture
  • Kyoto Prefecture
  • Osaka Prefecture
  • Hyogo Prefecture
  • Nara Prefecture
  • Wakayama Prefecture
  • Tottori Prefecture
  • Tokushima Prefecture
  • Kyoto City
  • Osaka City
  • Sakai City
  • Kobe City

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan

Industry Associations (in random order):

  • Japan Medical Association
  • Japanese Nursing Association
  • Japan Pharmaceutical Association
  • Japan Hospital Association
  • All Japan Hospital Association
  • Japan Psychiatric Hospitals Association
  • National Hospital Organization
  • Japan Municipal Hospital Association
  • Japan Association of Medical and Care Facilities
  • Japan Association of Rehabilitation Hospital and Institution
  • Japanese Association of Hospitals for community-based Care
  • Japan Council for Quality Health Care
  • Japan Association for Clinical Engineers
  • Japanese Society of Hospital Pharmacists
  • Japanese Association of Medical Technologists
  • The Japan Association of Radiological Technologists
  • Japanese Physical Therapy Association
  • Japanese Association of Occupational Therapists
  • The Japan Dietetic Association
  • Japan Health Information Manager Association
  • The Japan Association of Certified Care Workers
  • Japan Care Manager Association
  • Japan Association of Geriatric Health Services Facilities
  • Japanese Council of Senior Citizens Welfare Service
  • Senior Housing Association
  • Japan Association for Day Care
  • Japanese Council of Daily Life Long-Term Care Service Facilities
  • Japan Group-Home Association for people with Dementia
  • The National Association for Visiting Nurse Service
  • Japan Visiting Nursing Foundation
  • Japanese Society of Medical Instrumentation
  • Japan Association for Medical Informatics
  • Japan Society of Ningen Dock (Medical Examination)
  • The Japanese Association of Home Care Pharmacies
  • Japan Association for the Advancement of Medical Equipment
  • Medical Excellence JAPAN
  • Japan Federation of Medical Devices Associations
  • Japan Association of Medical Devices Industries
  • Japan Association of Health Industry Distributors
  • Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems Industry
  • Medical ISAC Japan
  • Commons for Medicine and Engineering Japan
  • Nippon Pharmacy Association
  • Japan Association of Clinical Reagents Industries
  • Japan Pharmaceutical Information Center
  • Japan Health Enterprise Foundation
  • Nihon Medical Kyushoku Kyokai
  • Japan Association of Healthcare Management Consultants
  • The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Kinki Council of Senior Citizens Welfare Service
  • Osaka Hospital Association
  • Osaka Private Hospital Association
  • Osaka Association of Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Osaka Nursing Association
  • Osaka Pharmaceutical Association
  • Osaka Association of Radiological Technologists
  • Osaka Association of Medical Technologists
  • Osaka PhysioTherapist Association
  • Osaka Association of Occupational Therapists
  • Osaka Association for Clinical Engineering Technologists
  • Osaka Scientific Instruments Association
  • Shiga Dental Association
  • Shiga Prefecture Hospital Association
  • Shiga Private Hospital Association
  • Shiga Nursing Association
  • Shiga Association of Radiological Technologists
  • Shiga Association of Medical Technologists
  • Shiga Association for Clinical Engineering Technologists
  • Shiga Association of Geriatric Health Services Facilities
  • Kyoto Hospitals Association
  • Kyoto Private Hospital Association
  • Kyoto Pharmaceutical Association
  • The Kyoto Association of Radiological Technologists
  • Kyoto Association for Clinical Engineering Technologists 
  • Kyoto Association of Geriatric Health Services Facilities
  • Kyoto Medical Instruments Association
  • Hyogo Hospitals Association
  • Hyogo Private Hospital Association
  • Hyogo Nursing Association
  • The Hyogo Association of Radiological Technologists
  • Hyogo Association of Medical Technologists
  • Hyogo Association for Clinical Engineering Technologists
  • Hyogo Association of Geriatric Health Services Facilities
  • Wakayama Dental Association
  • Wakayama Hospital Association
  • Wakayama Nursing Association
  • Wakayama Pharmaceutical Association
  • The Wakayama Association of Radiological Technologists
  • Wakayama Association for Clinical Engineering Technologists
  • Wakayama Association of Geriatric Health Service Facilities
  • Nara Hospital Association
  • Nara Nursing Association
  • Nara Association of Clinical Engineering Technologists
  • Nara Association of Geriatric Health Services Facilities
  • Tottori Nursing Association
  • Tottori Pharmaceutical Association
  • Tottori Association of Geriatric Health Services Facilities
  • Tokushima Dental Association
  • Tokushima Medical Association
  • Tokushima Association of Geriatric Health Services Facilities
  • Tokushima Nursing Association
  • Chubu Medical Devices Manufacturers Association

as of December 14, 2021 (in random order)

MEDICAL JAPAN collaborates with:

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Organiser: RX Japan Ltd.
MEDICAL JAPAN  Show Management

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