Promotion Opportunities

MEDICAL JAPAN offers various free/charged marketing opportunities.

[ Free marketing opportunities ]

1. Online Exhibitor & Product Search

This Exhibitor & Product Search will have each exhibitor’s company/product information listed and has appointment request function. This acquires about 220,300* page views during 3 months before and during the show.


2. E-mails featuring International Products

Show Management runs e-mail promotions to 190,000* importers and distributors. These will be linked to the Exhibitor & Product Search, enabling onsite appointments, detailed business meetings and pre/post-show promotion.


3. Direct Mailing

Over 1,370,000 pieces of Invitation Tickets will be mailed to medical institutions, universities/research institutes, medical device manufacturers, distributors, industry associations, government organisations, etc.

4. Press Release Services

Show Management will prepare a press release covering exhibitors’ information. The release will be sent out to 9,000* major editors / reporters, leading to onsite interviews.


[ Charged marketing opportunities ]

1. Exhibitors’ Product/Technology Presentation

In addition to your direct approach to your customers, you can maximise your on-site business chances by delivering a presentation at Exhibitors’ Product/ Technology Seminar held inside the exhibition venue. Grab the attention of visitors and lead them to your stand.

2. Official Show Website Banner Advertisement

The official show website will have huge access from the visitors and press toward the show. You can insert your company banner on the official show website and draw special attention from industry professionals before the show.

The banner will be linked to your company.

3. “Exhibitor & Product Search” Banner Advertisement

“Exhibitor & Product Search” is an online searching system used by visitors and press to search information for exhibitors/exhibits. By posting your company banner on “Exhibitor & Product Search”, you can announce your participation widely to visitors and press.

The banner will be linked to your company.

4. Floor Map Advertisement

All visitors will pick up the floor map when entering the exhibition halls. You can efficiently announce your participation to every visitor who comes to the show, by putting your company ad on the floor map.

5. Ad Posters inside the VIP Lounge

VIPs will visit the VIP Lounge to have business meetings or take a break. By placing your advertisement, you can promote your company to the key industry professionals.

6. Banner inside the Exhibition Halls

During the 3-day show period, enormous number of visitors will be at INTEX Osaka. Having a large advertisement inside the exhibition hall will surely make an impact to visitors.

*The layout is subject to change.


and take full advantage of the business opportunities!