Rehabilitation Fair

Tackle Japan’s Huge Rehabilitation Market! = USD 34,231 Million

Japan has a huge Rehabilitation market, and it is growing. As Japan has the LARGEST aging population, rehabilitation products have strong demand in the Elderly Care sector. NOW is the best time to set your target to Japan and increase your International sales!

1. Huge Rehabilitation Market in Japan

Rehabilitation Market in Japan = USD 34,231 Million
Japan’s Rehabilitation market is huge and it is showing strong growth.

2. Target the Elderly Care sector in Japan!

2-1. The Elderly Rehabilitation market is increasing yearly.

Below shows the increasing market size of Elderly Rehabilitation. It shows steady increase and is expected to reach nearly JPY 500 billion by 2025.

2-2. Forecast of aging population proves further growth in the Japanese rehabilitation market!

The population of over age 75 will reach 21.8 million by 2025. The consecutive increase in aged population leads to stronger demand for rehabilitation products.

Here’s a forecast of elderly population to 2040:

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and take full advantage of the business opportunities!