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Nursing Care & IT

ICT, Robot, AI, Monitoring system, etc. Variety of products that helps the nursing care industry!

Care-Top_Monitoring system

-You can see a list of bed user's heart rate, respiratory rate, presence/absence, body movement, sleep/wake, sleep depth in the staff room in real time.
-Bed users feel comfort because the sensor is installed under the mattress.
-You can see daily changes of bed users by the report function. Since you can also see the sleep quality, you can reflect in comfortable life and early recovery of bed users


Motion sensor Anshin Hitsuji

Anshin hitsuji monitors body movement,heart rate and breathing rate while sleeping.
It notify in case of the residents unwell or out of bed.
Easy setup and easy to monitoring condition on PC, smart phone,tablet devices.

Company:  NJI CO., LTD.

smartNexus care

PCT international patent has been applied.
It is a service that reduces the burden on staff by AI.
To protect your privacy, we monitor the caregiver's condition for 24 hours and alert the caregiver of any danger. The near infrared camera can be monitored even at night, and the common area is effective for dementia measures. The monthly usage fee is 85,000 yen(5 cameras), which is easy to install.

Company:  SUNCREER CO., LTD.

HAL for Well-Being Lower Limb Type Pro

HAL for Well-being Lower Limb Type is a device that fulfills users hope to stand and walk. The device assists the gait training of people with lower limb impairments due to accidents, illness or weakened muscle strength. By repeatedly realizing voluntary movements based on bio-electrical signals, the device is expected to increase the degree of independence. *Only available in Japan


Mobility support robot - Hug T1-02

From bed to wheelchair, or wheelchair to toilet seat; this care center oriented support robot assists when needing to transfer to a sitting position or in situations where standing for a period of time is required, such as when getting dressed

Company:  FUJI CORP.


Designed for lower limb weakness user. You are able to put on/off it independently. FREE Walk can support you to walk easily in your daily life.



It has a high level of game and entertainment and can be carried anywhere. Revolutionary rehabilitation & fitness ball "PLAYBALL"


Upmood band

By attaching a wrist band or watch to your wrist, you can classify emotions into 11 types. You can share your feelings with your lover or friends using the app.

Company:  NEO CO., LTD.

Nursing Labor Revolution

Nursing Labor Revolution is a support service for nursing work that incorporates recent work style reformation and the opinions of nursing providers.
This system is developed with a focus on "visualization of helper's work" and "improvement of labor-management efficiency".
This system links with billing software can do the month ending work(performance reporting) instantly without time consumption.