• 20 - 22 February, 2019
  • INTEX Osaka, Japan

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Exhibits Highlights: Pavilion [Korea (KOTRA, GBSA, KMDIA)]

Korea’s most advanced medical technologies gather!

[Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer]

1. Effective Volume: 57L, 130L, 210L
2. Performance: Rigid PCD ID0.5mm x L500mm
3. Quick Lumen Sterilization: Under 30mins
4. Routine Planned Maintenance Cycle: 1year

Company Name: CMTECH CO., LTD.


Low temperature plasma sterilizer Sterilant: H2O2(50wt% aqueous solution) Operating noise: 59dB or less Power consumption: Up to 1,200 W


[NDA(Neo Dermal Activator)]

NDA treats wound caused by burn, leg ulceration, bedsore, surgical wound, etc and relieves pain.

Company Name:  DAEUN MEDICAL

[Dr-Kim head lamp]

Two light beams from two LED light sources converge on a point 30~40cm from the eyes. This head lamps reduces the shadow of medical instruments. Ergonomics C-band (first in the world)

Company Name: DR-KIM CO.

[EuDx- MTB Detection Kit]

One tube Nested real time PCR
Targeting both IS6110 & rpoB genes of the M. tuberculosis reduces the rate of false negative.


Company Name:  EUDIPIA CO., LTD.


PDRN is the low molecular weight DNA complex fragments from salmon or trout sperm. It play a role in anti inflammatory, cell proliferation and tissue remodeling.

Company Name:  GANARND CO., LTD.

[Locking Plate System]

HKT Locking Plate System is the first implanting system as a outcome of 50years experience in manufacturing medical device. It acclaimed high popularity with its superior quality and anatomical plate design for very different fracture surgeries.


[Hicare Hub]

Hicare Hub is a new type of Tele-Healthcare device integrating with smart device. User enables to easily accumulate various vital sign and get counsel from medical staff at anytime through this device.


[OVIEW-W Smart ovulation test]

1. Easy and Simple to use
2. Cheaper Cost (Cost Reduction: Sales $50 / $20)
3. Fast Results (3mins.)
4. Automatically saves and analysis
5. 24hrs. Faster in reaction compared with urine tests

Company Name: INTIN INC.


- Showers with cast on
- Odor and Itch free
- Visually check the skin condition
- Repeated wear and removal

Company Name: OPENM INC.


Back pain treatment Laser. It contains 72 diode lasers. Designed to fit to body and useful to back pain patient, sports team, physiotherapist.

Company Name: PTECH CO., LTD.

[ELI (Eye Linked Information) for diabetic retinopathy (DR) screening]

Portable auto-focus non-mydriatic fundus camera for diabetic retinopathy (DR) screening and management. ELI (Eye Linked Information) revolutionizes the diabetic eye complication management



GR CAST is the orthopedic fixed tape to make broken bones or damaged muscles cured by molding in the right position.

Company Name: YOORIM CORP.


1. Use of Hydrophilic pad consisting of Polyurethane foam
2. Firm fixation with acrylic glue
3. Easy dressing with a total seal of the surrounding of catheter with 7 cutting and side openings.
4. sterile

Company Name: JMBIOTECH CO., LTD.

[STD12 AES Detection Kit]

STD12 AES Typing Kit using Multiplex PCR was composed to detect 12 kinds of microorganisms in a short time. Especially, it's outstanding to accuracy in case of Multiple infection examination.

Company Name: DIOGENE CO., LTD.

[Portable dental X-ray tube]

1. Low Power Consumption
2. High Vacuum Low 10-6 Torr Sealing
3. Ceramic base
4. Ultra-compact X-ray tube
5. Field Emission technology
6. Digital driving/controllable

Company Name: VSI CO., LTD.

[Anti-scattering Radiation Filter CVP-2]

Substantially reduces the amount of radiation exposure for both the patient and medical staff when using flouroscopy by filtering unnecessary rays that tend to scatter.

Company Name: MSLINEENG CO., LTD.

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