• 20 - 22 February, 2019
  • INTEX Osaka, Japan

The Grand Opening Ribbon-Cut Ceremony

45 VIPs from Medical Field gathered!

List of Opening Ribbon Cutting Dignitaries (in alphabetical order / honorifics omitted / as of Feb. 21, 2018)

<Exhibition Organiser>

Tad Ishizumi
Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.

<Special Supporting Organisation>

Ichiro Matsui
Region - wide Industry 
Promotion Commissioner
Union of Kansai Governments
(Governor of 
Osaka Prefecture)

Osami Takeyama
Promotion of Regional Industries,
Vice Commissioner
Union of Kansai Governments
(Mayor of Sakai City)

Yasuyuki Yokokura
The Assembly of the 
Union of Kansai Governments

<Co-Exhibition Organiser>

Takao Aizawa
Japan Hospital Association
(Chief Executive Officer, Jisenkai Medical Corporation, Aizawa Hospital)

Hiromasa Hidari
Japan Care Association
(President, Chitosekai)

Toru Ookawara
Kyoto Association of Geriatric Health Services Facilities
(Director, Ooyakenosato)

<Supporting Organisation>

Kosuke Maekawa
Deputy Director
Office of Healthcare Policy
Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan

Karen Kelley
Consul General
American Consulate General Osaka-Kobe

Yoshitake Yokokura
Japan Medical Association
(President, World Medical Association)

Shigeaki Kano
Association of Japanese Healthcare Corporations
(President, Kano General Hospital)

Takashi Nishi
Executive Director
All Japan Hospital Association
(Chairman, Koyukai)

Kimio Hemmi
Japan Municipal Hospital Association
(Honorary Director, Ako City Hospital)

Yukiyoshi Matsutani
Vice Chairman
Japan Association of Medical and Care Facilities
(President, Shotokukai Medical Corporation)

Noriko Saito
Vice President
Japanese Nursing Association

Takashi Honma
Chief Director
Japan Association for Clinical Engineers
(General Manager, Safety Management Headquarters, Zenjinkai Group HQ)

Kenichi Matsumoto
Japan Association of Medical Devices Industries
(CEO, Sakura Global Holding Co., Ltd.)

Hiroshi Tanaka
Japan Association for Omics-based Medicine
(Special Adviser to the Executive Director, Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

Shigeyuki Wakitani
The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine
(Professor, Mukogawa Women's University)

Shosaku Murayama
Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine
(President & CEO, iPS Portal, Inc)

Atsushi Matsumoto
Vice Chairman
Japanese Council of Senior Citizens Welfare Service

Takeshi Fukuhara
Osaka Hospital Association
(Chairman, Seichokai Medical Corporation)

Hiromichi Ikuno
Osaka Private Hospital Association
(President, Moriguchi-Ikuno Memorial Hospital)

Keisho Kataoka
Shiga Prefecture Hospital Association
(President & Director of Hospital, Otsu City Hospital)

Takashi Majima
Shiga Private Hospital Association
(President, Higashiomi Keiai Hospital)

Sadao Kamidono
Hyogo Hospitals Association
(President, Nishinomiya Keiaikai Hospital)

Takehisa Ohmura
Vice President
Hyogo Private Hospital Association
(President, Nishinomiya Kyoritsu Neurosurgical Hospital)

Atsushi Imagawa
Nara Hospital Association
(President, Saiseikai Chuwa Hospital)

Yoichi Yamada
Vice Chairman
Wakayama Hospital Association
(Director, Kainan Municipal Medical Center)

Hiroe Takahashi
Osaka Nursing Association

Koichi Chigusa
Sub Chairperson
Osaka Medical Instruments Association
(President, Mita Rika Kogyo 
Co., Ltd.)

Shousong Wang
Executive Vice President
China Beijing Silver Industry Association

Danny Cheung
General Secretary
Hong Kong Elderly Commission

Francis Hong
Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association

<Speaker, Medical Device Manufacturer / Pharmaceutical Industry>

Yasushi Matsumura
Professor, Department of Integrated Medicine, Medical Informatics
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
(Director, Department of Medical Informatics, Osaka University Hospital)

Yoshiyuki Taenaka
Visiting Researcher
National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center

Hiroyuki Sawai
Sawai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Takuko Sawada
Director of the Board, 
Senior Executive Officer, 
Senior Vice President, 
Corporate Strategy Division
Shionogi & Co., LTD.

Shinya Takuma
Chugai Pharma Manufacturing Co., LTD.

Kazuhiko Sato
CTO, Molecular Imaging & 
Computed Tomography
GE Healthcare Japan Corporation

Toshiaki Masuda
Managing Director, 
Medical Technology Division 
for Planning,
Development & Marketing,
Research & Development Center
Nipro Corporation

<International Government Bodies, Associations>

David Perdue
(Commercial - Ontario)
Embassy of Canada

Eunho Jo
President for Kotra Japan
KOTRA Korea Trade-investment Promotion Agency

Stephen Lin
Taiwan Trade Center, Osaka

Armin Siegert
Head of Department for 
International Economic Affairs
Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry