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Media Partners

European Hospital

For 25 years European Hospital has been the voice of European healthcare communication, both with the print edition and the online presence which was introduced ten years ago. We will keep you up-to-date on trends and innovations in the healthcare market: We cover the entire field from clinical practice through medical technology to clinical research. Experts will provide answers to the most pressing healthcare issues. You will find the answers in healthcare-in-europe.com – the heartbeat of the European healthcare market.

INFOMEDIX INTERNATIONAL magazine is an indispensable resource for companies looking for distributors worldwide and exporting their products abroad. The magazine focuses on international market trends, certificates and regulation, medical products, international exhibitions, commercial announcements and novelties. Infomedix is published three times a year, for a global readership of 35,000 contacts in 162 countries. Infomedix International portfolio also includes online marketing services and customized B2B services and consultancy to assist medical companies create a network of business relationship and expand their activity on a global scale.

Practical Knowledge for Professionals in the Medtech Industry

DeviceMed is the leading German professional medium for producers and suppliers of medical devices. With an explicit focus on industrial practice, the sectors design engineering, production and management bundle extensive industry related information in one magazine. Clearly structured market overviews present available products and services. In addition to the monthly magazine, the official trade fair newspaper for COMPAMED as well as the Best-of issue in German and English, the cross-media scope of information also comprises the online platform, newsletter and events

Medical Device ASIA

Medical Device ASIA is a bimonthly trade magazine on medical devices and healthcare. MDA is the key media partner to various international trade fairs of the industry like MEDICA, Germany; Medical Fair India; Medical Fair ASIA, Singapore & Thailand. If you wish to promote any events, products, please advise.

TradeWinds has been operating in the medical market for 20 years. Our main service is MEDICAL HEALTH BUYERS SOURCES B2B buyers' directory which helps medical companies expand their global business. Since 2009 we have expanded into the entire dental market through DENTAL EQUIPMENT BUYERS SOURCES B2B buyers' directory. We are committed to helping companies increase their trade and supporting them through business-to-business services, with the aim of opening up new commercial horizons.

Narang Medical Limited  
Narang Medical Limited is India's most reputed manufacturer and suppliers of Medical Equipment, Hospital Furniture, Orthopaedic Implants and Instruments. Our products are ISO 9001 and CE certified. We are Star Export House company certified by Government of India. Our products are being sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. We are widely recognized as the "India's best source to import" because we don't compromise on quality in exchange for a cheaper price. Apart from product quality, we are also reputed for prompt delivery, buyers' friendly policies, and the team which includes some of the most experienced business and technology professionals. Visit www.narang.com

Proven Trade Contacts  
Apart from manufacture & export of medical products and orthopedic Implants , we also since 1992,  publish Proven Trade Contacts,  a monthly magazine, which serves  the medical sector worldwide in an enormous way. The magazine is available in Hard Copies, online and in .pdf formats. The main objective of Proven Trade Contacts is to bring sellers, buyers and service providers closer to each other, thus creating more business for all. Free advertisements facility gives  an  ideal meeting  platform for all.

Hospitals-Management is essentially a B2B online business and media platform that has under it wraps the largest global database of Healthcare buyers and suppliers. Hospitals-Management.com covers in-depth trends that shape industry dynamics and metamorphose global economics.

Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management 
Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management is a Quarterly magazine from Ochre Media. It is the leading Healthcare title in print as well as digital versions serving the information needs of key executives from the world's leading Healthcare providers. Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management covers important issues and trends shaping the future of the Healthcare industry across Asia and rest of the world. It offers dedicated, reliable and accurate coverage of the industry's progress and incisive analysis to help its readers make informed decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

Pharmaceutical-Tech is essentially a B2B online business, technology media platform and global magazine that have under its wraps the largest global database of Pharmacy buyers and suppliers. We cover in-depth trends that shape industry dynamics and metamorphose global economics. Pharmaceutical tech has created a recognition that spans over a global audience, thereby revolutionizing how businesses transact.

Pharma Focus Asia 
Pharma Focus Asia is a quarterly magazine from Ochre Media Pvt. Ltd. Pharma Focus Asia covers important issues and trends shaping the future of the Pharma industry across Asia and rest of the world. It is the leading Pharma title in print as well as digital versions serving the information needs of key executives from the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

ArabMedicare.com, launched in 1999, serves as an online forum for connecting international pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, healthcare providers and hospitals, government agencies and policy-makers, investors, academia, and other interested parties seeking to expand their presence in the Arab World. The portal provides an array of highly targeted and specialized market information and consulting services designed to help companies and organizations successfully access and navigate the healthcare markets of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

CN1699 is a B2B media platform which uses algorithms to distribute news via social media. Serving as the one-stop solution for medical and healthcare supply needs. www.cn1699.com supports trade, hospital cooperation, bidding, and ADS.  CN1699 based in Hong Kong, with over 250,000+ active members. We are in close cooperation with well-known medical and healthcare exhibitions in global.

HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING is a consulting of global technology and engineering company providing innovative tech solutions and commercializes them. On HAPTIC.ro platform you’ll find the most updated Market Research Reports and Products from various industries. Tech news and Events/Expo/Conferences updates.

For more info please visit our website www.haptic.ro or contact us: info@haptic.ro

Medical events guide(MEG) 
Medical events guide(MEG) is a platform that serves as a guide for trusted information about healthcare and medical events worldwide. We not only provide a trusted source for all interested parties to access information about Medical Expos, CME meetings and Conferences, but also a place for doctors, medical professionals, healthcare investors, device manufacturers, event organizers and venues to interact with each other. By carefully helping medical companies and doctors access the right events for their selected preferences, MEG wants to ensure that events have the maximum coverage and impact on audiences.

Driven by content, focused on results
Biotechnology, medical technology, bioeconomy – these terms are watchwords of optimism and hope for all mankind. Backed up by policies and capital, cutting-edge science and research are constantly redrawing the map of what we know. Companies are eager to bring the latest technology to the market, society and people. In every step along the way, effective communication can mean the difference between success and failure. For almost 30 years, BIOCOM AG guided and supported customers on the path from the lab bench to the market. Driven by content and focused on results!

LAB World 
LABWORLD is a portal that talks about the market of the laboratory in all its aspects. It's a complete guide to buying, organized into product groups. For each category, you can see the companies operating in the market, both as producers and distributors. LABWORLD is information: news, press releases, events. Created by PRO-MEDIANET (25 years of experience), publisher of two leader magazines in Italy: IC Industry & Chemistry and LAB IL MONDO DEL LABORATORIO and another web portal: WWW.INDUSTRYCHEMISTRY.COM .

BioSpectrum Asia is the most influential source of information for life sciences industry and is uniquely positioned as a specialized B2B information platform in Asia Pacific region. The magazine provides comprehensive coverage and useful insights in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, research & development and policies.

Euromonitor International 
Euromonitor International is the world leader in strategy research for consumer markets. Global coverage and leading edge innovation make our products essential for companies worldwide.
From socio-economic context to intimate detail on the smallest products or markets, we offer unmatched detail and unbiased content for every region, country, category and channel. Euromonitor International market research focuses on industry, country, company and consumer lifestyle research. We analyse companies and markets in more than 4,000 categories across 100 countries.

Medical Events
Medical Events brings you a platform, that serves as an online directory to bring exceptional and latest information about Medical Events Worldwide. We not only offer a vast database of information but also bring whole of the medical industry at one place. We provide a common platform to users and manufacturers to interact directly with each other at an international level. This helps the producers to expand their market across boundaries and help users to choose from several high-quality products and services offered by numerous manufacturers at a single place.

Global Business Reports 
Headquartered in Singapore and with offices in Istanbul, Global Business Reports (GBR) was established in 2001 in order to provide up to date and firsthand information for global business decision makers. In an age where cross boundary trade and investment and the globalization process are the driving factors for businesses, information is crucial. Precise sectorial reports help companies understand and expand their markets, improve their sourcing chain, target their investments and discover the trends affecting their industry around the world. GBR provides in depth surveys and up to date information and data covering all aspects of the hydrocarbon, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Energy, Minerals, Mining and the Metallurgical industries around the world.

MarketsandMarkets is a global market research organization which is also into advisory and consulting services. We publish strategically analyzed market research reports and serve as a business intelligence partner to Fortune 500 companies across the world.
Using effective technology to automate management of large and complex data for forecasts, we provide global analysis, data and insights through unique & in-depth research, serving multi-client reports, company profiles, databases, and custom research services. These intelligence databases comprises of about 60000 reports a year, which forms one of the world's largest intelligence resources. M&M plans to launch industry-wise and country wise market tracker for all existing research verticals.

InfoMed is the premier healthcare magazine in Malaysia.
Is the magazine for healthcare professionals and the public and InfoMed prides itself on being relevant to the healthcare industry by providing engaging and diversified coverage on the latest news, clinical studies and research findings, personal health and government policies and programs. This enables the readers to be knowledgeable and be involved in their own healthcare.

Is read by doctors, hospital CEOs and administrators, policy makers, healthcare professionals as well as the general public who are health conscious.

Medgate Today 
Medgate Today is one of the leading International Magazine of Healthcare, which is having a very strong presence in Asia. Headquartered in India and having a pan India presence on a larger scale, Medgate Today caters the Doctors and Hospitals in Asia. It is a unique platform catering to diverse health & lifestyle sectors (ranging from health writers, doctors, hospitals, pharma companies, domestic, Medical & Dental colleges, hospital, doctor, Diagnostic center, Physiotherapy, Ayurveda, nature & Yoga, Homeopathy, Bio-Medical equipment industry, including the medical professionals, Corporate Houses, Retailers & Dealers & like) in providing the latest updates in the world of medicine, health, fitness & well-being and segments of lifestyle as well.

For more details visit: www.medgatetoday.com

Empire Media 
Empire Media is a modern mix of a public relation company with a business news network media company and creating the world's largest peer-to-peer media. Empire Media provides international business solutions to companies by providing PR services to bridge them directly to other media companies worldwide. So far more than 500companies have used Empire Media service to boost their business presence to over 200,000 media outlets and gain immediate exposure within the industries.

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