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■ What is Medical IT Expo?

Specialised B to B medical IT exhibition for IT solutions/services for hospitals, clinics and nursing facilities.

Gathering attention to systems inside the facilities, remote medical care, regional cooperation, mobile and wearable devices, healthcare practitioners (administrative director, hospital director, clerical supervisor, IT department, doctor and nurse) from around West Japan will visit the show. Please exhibit at this show in order to expand your business in hospital/welfare field.

■ Exhibit Profile:

  • Electronic Chart
  • Health Check Systems
  • PACS
  • Digital Signage
  • Receipt Systems
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Regional Cooperation Systems
  • Watching Sensors
  • Reservation Management Systems
  • Wearable Devices
  • Accounting Systems
  • Security/Healthcare Devices
  • Logistics/Commodities Management Systems
  • Diagnostic Imaging Systems
  • Education Support Systems
  • Remote Medical Care Technology/Systems
  • Attendance Management Systems


■ Visitor Profile:

  • Hospitals/clinics (administrative director, hospital director, IT department, doctor, engineer, nurse, clinical engineer, medical device/equipment importer & dealer, etc.)
  • Nursing-care facilities (director, care manager, care worker, etc.)

■ Concurrent Event: Medical IT Forum