Regenerative Medicine Expo & Conference

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■ What is Regenerative Medicine Expo & Conference?

B to B trade show specialised in the latest regenerative medicine techniques, held inside MEDICAL JAPAN 2019!

All the products/services to industrialise regenerative medicine including culture media, reagents, incubators, cell research related products, contract services and licensing will gather under one roof, and researchers/doctors from universities, pharmaceutical/cosmetics manufacturers, regenerative medicine/cell therapy related companies and health-care facilities are expected to visit this show to discuss introduction of products and technologies. Active negotiations/consultations will be conducted everywhere at this trade show specialised in the latest regenerative medicine techniques.
Exhibit at Regenerative Medicine Expo & Conference, the best gateway to entering Japan market and expanding your business in Japan!
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■ Exhibit Profile:

Culture Media Reagents

  • Cell Growth Factors
  • Serums
  • Scaffolding Materials


Culture Vessels Incubators

  • Incubators
  • Cell Separation Devices
  • Automated Cell Culture Equipment
  • Cell Transplantation Devices


Cell Evaluation/Analytical Devices

  • Flow Cytometers
  • Image Analysis Equipment


Cell Quality Evaluation

Cell Banks, Cell Services

Contract Manufacturing/Services

Transportation Services

Intellectual Property, Consulting, Licensing

Cell Processing Centers (CPC)

Regenerative Medicine, Cell Medicine Biomaterials

■ Visitor Profile:

  • Researchers from Pharma Companies, Cosmetic Companies, Universities
  • Researchers from Regenerative Medicine/Cell Medicine Companies/Institutes
  • Doctors from Medical Institutes


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